Super-Rats gain Infra-Red Sixth Sense
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

Ever wondered what it would be like to suddenly gain a sixth sense? 

Bats: Nature’s Radars
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

There are sounds that we, humans, cannot hear. 

Movie Review: Perfect Sense
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Perfect Sense is a 2011 drama film. 

Vertical Farming
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

By the fifties of the current century, the world population would reach over 9.5 billion. 

Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind
(Science in Arts and Culture)

Inspired by a true story about the extraordinary life of the Noble prize winner John Nash.

Superheroes of the Real World: Magnetic Man
(Human Body)

Meet Liew Thon Lin, the 78-year-old retired contractor from Malaysia, who is also the real life Human Magnet.

Energetic Algae
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

As demands for more sustainability in our lifestyles increases, so do the innovations that cater to those demands. 

Deadly Tastes
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Not all the food we consume is safe. 

The Sixth Taste of Food
(Food, Mood, and Behavior)

Scientists have discovered a sixth basic taste that the human tongue can detect—fat.

Superheroes of the Real World: RubberBoy
(Human Body)

Some people are just more flexible than others. 

Déjà vu
(Human Body)

You are traveling to Luxor for the first time, and touring around in Al Karnak Temple; suddenly, it seems as if you have been in that very spot before.

Red Lights celebrating Sciences ... Or Not!
(Science in Arts and Culture)

For a science editor, words such as “supernatural” or “paranormal” make no sense at all. 

Superheroes of the Real World: A Tribute to Ben Underwood
(Human Body)

They called him a superhero and named him “Captain Sonar” and “The Boy who Sees without Eyes”.

Sixth Sense in Animals
(Microorganism, Animal and Plant Life)

Humans have developed sophisticated machines and technology to be able to predict and sense natural disasters before they occur. 

Homemade Perfumes
(Science Fun Time: Stories and Activities)

Making homemade perfume is a simple process that only requires a few ingredients. 

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Google’s Driverless Car Has Arrived
(Computers and Information Technology)

When Karl Benz invented the first gasoline-powered automobile, it had no gears, no brakes, and could not climb up or down slopes unaided. 

Alternative Energy Sources
(Earth Sciences)

Almost everybody is now aware of the fact that it is not too long before we run out of all forms of fossil fuels.

Cloud Computing
(Computers and Information Technology)

Have you ever used the cloud storage service “Dropbox”?

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