Since the beginning of 2004, the BA has been offering annual research grants for young Egyptian postdoctoral researchers below the age of 35 who have completed their PhD within the past 5 years or are expecting to complete it within a year of submitting their application. These research grants offer Egyptian scientists the opportunity to advance their career in the institution they belong to. A receiver of a grant is provided with financial support and is given the opportunity to participate in workshops and lectures that cover an array of career development skills that focus especially on scientific research and development. The grants cover research in natural sciences, mathematics, information technology, and, as of recent, pre-university education. The BA also plans to support more research areas in the future, mainly social sciences and the humanities. Applicants must be currently employed at a public or private academic/research institution in Egypt or have plans to work on a joint research project with foreign counterparts at a university or research center abroad. The maximum duration of a project is limited to 2 years, and the maximum amount provided is EGP 75,000. The entire application procedure is done online. Each proposal will be evaluated via a blind review process. The reviewing committee currently comprises 90 international reviewers, representing all research field areas.