Admission and Scholarships

Admission & Scholarships

The medium of instruction is English. Foreign students need to get an accreditation of their degree from the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities which will be facilitated by the center.

Candidates must have graduated with a grade of 70 or C to apply for the Masters. Non-specialist graduates (those who do not hold degrees from a Department of Classics, or a Department of Greco-Roman Archeology), need to enroll in the Qualifying Diploma for a Masters in Hellenistic Studies and score 80 before they apply for the Masters degree.

All applicants (Qualifying Diploma - Masters) must go through our placement test the Alexandria University English Proficiency Test (AUEPT) which will be for 100 LE and it will be for determine your enrollment.

Students must register for the Alexandria University English Proficiency Test (AUEPT) at the Faculty of Arts unless the student has previously obtained a valid IELTS certificate or an International TOEFL (a score of at least 450 on the paper and pencil test) and a UNESCO certified ICDL is a prerequisite for obtaining the degree.

Attendance of 80% of each course is compulsory.

How to Apply

Documents required:

  1. Center Application Form
  2. University Application Form
  3. BA certificates.
  4. Authentic birth certificates.
  5. Authentic analytic statement of grades for the 4 Academic years.
  6. 4 personal photos (4x6).
  7. 175 Egyptian Pounds for University procedures. 
  8. Military conscription position (for males).


Foreign applicants are to send us 2 authentic copies of the above listed documents in addition to the following for accreditation procedures: 

A copy of the passport     2 authentic letters from your consulate stating that you have applied for your BA certificate equivalency  The university brochure for our reference (Refer to Contact Us tab for post address)    








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