Ph.D. degree in Hellenistic Studies

The PhD Degree comprises 8 courses (15 hours of Mandatory courses + 9 hours of elective courses), and each course is 3 credit hours, totaling 24 credit hours in addition to 24 credit hours of Ph.D. thesis.

Required 75% attendance is mandatory.

The PhD semester is fifteen weeks.


Courses Offered:

    Mandatory Courses

    15 credit hours (5 courses x 3 hours)


     Elective Courses

     9 credit hours (3 courses x 3 hours)



48 credit hours are required; divided into 15 credit hours Mandatory Courses, and 9 credit hours Elective Courses, in addition to 24 credit hours of the complementary research (the thesis). Each course has 3 credit hours.

The courses are divided into two semesters, the first semester has three mandatory courses and two elective courses, and the second semester has two mandatory courses and one elective course. The student is free to choose the courses according to the credit hour system.


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