The ending of the events of the worls environment day.
01 July 2012


With the participation of hundreds of students, the events of the world environment day ended on the 1st of July 2012.
Many presentations has been presented about the environmental problems that we suffer from:
1-      Global Warming problem which the whole world suffers from, and it’s effect is very obvious upon Egypt, like the rising of the sea tide, increasing the salinity of agricultural land and its effect upon the agriculture in the Nile Delta. And what shortage will happen as a result in some essential crops such as wheat and corn. Then the students presented some solutions that any individual in the society can do as Energy conservation and awareness campaigns to publicize the problem and its consequences.
2-      Water shortage problem and water poverty suffered by Egypt, The students appealed to the audience to try to rationalize the consumption of water and conservation of it.
3-      Wastes, Some works of art fabricated from recycled or reused plastic and paper wastes were presented.
4-      The problem of the erosion of the Ozone layer, and the effect of the ultraviolet rays upon man, animals, plants and the international attempts to curb this phenomena.
5-      Energy, and it’s renewable sources and non renewable sources and the urgent need today to use the renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy.
The day ended with a perception of the “Green City”, which uses renewable energy for the factories, house usage, streets lights and it also uses transportation that runs with electricity instead of fuel , Also the residents of the city are interested in  the separation of wastes and its reuse and recycling and they also participate in different environmental campaigns.