Cosing of the YESBU 10 anniversary
10 November 2012


The festivity of the  YESBU 10 anniversary was organized on 10 November 2012 . the festivity was launched by a speech of Dr .Salah soliman founder of the program followed by presentations explaining the activities of the program since 2002.

Then Dr. Magdy Hefny presented " Water ethics" in which he explained the ethics of water usage as a tool  for sustainable development

Dr.Mostafa Fouda, gave a lecture about " Natural reserves" in which he explained the concept of Biodiversity and its importance giving examples of  naturals reserves in Egypt.

Dr .Magwari Diab, president of Monofiya University gave a lecture about water and the importnace of its rationale usage.

the closing was made by the Dr Salah Soliman in which he thanks all the participants, presenters and the organisers of the festivity.