In Memoriam: Calestous Juma, December 15, 2017
08 January 2018


 We will miss his smile, his sense of humor, his scholarship and his profound commitment to Africa, to science, and to youth.  

Calestous Juma was born in Kenya on June 9, 1953, and passed away in the USA on December 15, 2017.  He was deeply devoted to global issues and even served for three years as Secretary-General of the Global Biodiversity Convention, and he was also committed to the absolute belief in the unity of science and the power of the scientific method.

We have had the privilege of receiving and listening to him  during one of our ALYM sessions on 12 of August 2012. We were impressed by his charisma and his deft inter-personal touch. Although it was one occasion but it has been deeply grooved in our souls and brains.

Farewell, our imminent African scientist, farewell.  May you rest in peace.