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Computer Services

The Young People’s Library has 13 computers offering the following resources and services

  • Free Internet connection for library members.
  • The BA catalog where you can search for items in the Library using author name, title, keyword, or subject.
  • Selection of installed CD-ROMs.
  • Free access to Student Resources Center and Encyclopedia Britannica online, covering most subject areas.
  • A wide selection of useful Internet links to valuable websites is available to guide young users in various kinds of subjects. All of these websites have been reviewed by the YP Library staff to verify their accuracy and reliability.


♦ You must reserve a computer before you can use it by going to the YP Library reference desk. Rules for using the computers are:.

      • You may only use the computer for one (1) hour each day.
      • You may not use Library equipment to access illegal websites or those that are obscene or harmful to others, or for any illegal activities;
      • You may not use the library’s computers to order things on the Internet.

If you do not follow these rules and regulations, your internet privileges will be suspended.