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Multimedia Services


 For individual video shows, and Group show a selection of documentary, educational, entertaining and cultural films are available.

VCR usage is by reservation only. You may only watch one film or video per day


Televisions connected to satellite channels are available, where you can watch entertainment programs, Sport, News, etc.….

Channels available include CNN, BBC, and AlGazeera for international news; MBC1, MBC2, TV5, Rotana cinema, Rotana music, Dubai, Space Toon, Al-Arabia, Iqraa, and Egyptian satellite channels for entertainment, cultural programs, films, and news....


You can listen to audio books on tape if you prefer. Audio books are available only for members & are available by reservation only.


DVDs are available for educational and entertaining films

Use of Audiovisual items

All Audiovisual collections are not available for loan. Alternatively, you may listen to or watch these materials in the Library. As well as individual viewing facilities we have group show of up to 20.

All young adults' audiovisual collection has a Location designation: YP Lib-AVM at the YP catalog