Alexandria Database

GIS and Database Unit
The unit's objectives are:

  • Collecting, archiving and analyzing all available data related to Alexandria Governorate covering development sectors such as transportation, housing, tourism, agriculture, environment, infrastructure and land divisions. These data are collected through field surveys or official governmental publications with the help of part-time consultants and summer trainees, and stored in the form of GIS, printed maps, fact books, scientific reports and analytical statistics.
  • Updating the digital map of Alexandria Governorate from the digitization of recent satellite images.
  • Building a complete GIS for Alexandria Governorate, covering land uses, former and existing street names, building numbers, railways, railroads, bridges and lakes. These data are collected through field surveys with the help of summer trainees.
  • Using the GIS to produce different publications in English and Arabic, such as the Alexandria Street Atlas, the Alexandria City Guide, and the Children’s Map of Alexandria.
  • Supporting the Governorate of Alexandria with technical reports and maps for different projects such as the Preservation of Alexandria Heritage Project, the Mahmoudieh Canal Development Project, the Parking Spaces in Alexandria Project.