City Maps

Childrens' Map of Alexandria

This is an illustrated bilingual map of Alexandria’s main points of attractions. The map is designed for small children to easily identify and explore the city.


Alexandria: An Italian Itinerary

On the occasion of the President of Italy’s visit to Alexandria in October 2008. Alex Med prepared a brochure with a map illustrating the most important buildings in the city designed by Italian architects. Additional data included photos of these buildings with the name of their Italian architects, and tour routes indicated on the map.

During the 19th century, when Mohamed Ali and his successors encouraged foreigners to take part in the modernization of Egypt, many Italian professionals and experts settled in the country, attracted by the new opportunities. The Italian community of Alexandria became the second largest foreign community after the Greeks. Italian contractors and professionals were major contributors to the development of the city’s urban and built environment, defining its morphology and architectural character.


Alexandria: A City Guide

The idea of this project arose due to the lack of up-to-date maps of the city. The maps available were generally inaccurate or contained unverified or outdated information. During the course of the project, Alex Med’s GIS and Database Unit extensively updated and revised information such as the old and new names of streets, squares and bridges.

This guide also provides essential information on important sites for visitors and tourists. It is a practical document containing a map of the whole city with an additional enlarged map of the old city center. Also included, is a collection of eye-catching photographs and brief descriptions of some of the prominent sites of this historical city.


Cultural Routes of Alexandria

These seven maps of Alexandria, each on a different theme, were published within the framework of the Med Voices project sponsored by the European Union. The cultural maps provide detailed tour routes, highlighting the unique culture and heritage of Alexandria, as well as contemporary attractions. These guides condense much of the historical background of the city in a clear and accessible format, making them an essential companion for visitors to the city.


The Street Atlas of Downtown Alexandria
أطلس الإسكندرية لوسط المدينة

This atlas, published in November 2007 in Arabic, is the first part of a three stage project to create a complete up-to-date map of Alexandria. It contains 31 detailed maps covering the area between the Eastern Harbor to the north and the railway to the south, and between the Western Harbor to the west and Suez Canal Street to the east. The data, gathered by Alex Med’s state of the art GIS and database system, was obtained from field surveys done during 2004–2007, and the base map was established using satellite images taken in 2006.

This kind of publication is the first of its kind in Alexandria due to the vast spectrum of data it contains, in addition to the color satellite images included with each map.


A Tour of Durrell’s Alexandria
Past and Present

This illustrated tour map of Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria was published to coincide with the Durrell conference held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in November 2007 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Justine by Lawrence Durrell. Published by the Alex-Med Center, with the sponsorship of the British Council in Egypt, the map includes a tour in three stages of places cited in Durrell’s novel, Justine, and of locations where Lawrence Durrell lived and worked during his stay in Alexandria. The map also includes a series of photographs of sites connected with the novelist, with relevant historical information.