Other: International Food Fair

On 23–24 May 2008, an International Food Fair organized by Alex Med was held at the Antoniades Gardens in Alexandria. This open air festival was part of the Gastronomy in Alexandria: A Cosmopolitan Flavor in the Mediterranean project, funded through the European Commission’s MEDA program with additional support from the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The fair was a way to show Alexandria’s rich and diverse cuisine, whilst highlighting the city’s multicultural make up. On that occasion, traditional cuisine from all over the Euro-Med region was on display prepared by amateur chefs, as well as cuisine prepared by well known Alexandrian establishments and international hotels. In addition to all the food tasting, there was a program of folk dancing, live music and a show of traditional costume. The second day focused on a cookery competition open to all members of the public, and demonstrations by chefs of some of Alexandria’s leading hotels. This fair, which was a huge success, will be followed with a book on Alexandrian cuisine and a website, as part of the Gastronomy in Alexandria project.