Exhibitions: Cityscapes, People and Culture

On Sunday 10th June, 2012 The Alexandria and Mediterranean Research Center held an exhibition presented by 2 exceptional artists;  Mr. Mohamed Abla ( From Egypt )  and Mr. Mathias Buss ( From Germany) displaying their different paintings about Alexandria.  The exhibition took place till 23rd June, 2012.

Mohamed Abla was born in Belqas, Mansoura, Egypt, in 1953. He studied painting at the Faculty of Art in Alexandria (1973-77), held his first exhibition in the Spanish Cultural Centre in Cairo, and from 1978 onwards made study trips to Europe. First solo exhibition: Hohmann Galerie/Walsrode, D (1979). He studied Graphics and Sculpture in Zurich, Switzerland (1981); study trip and graphic arts studies in Austria (1982); first prize in "Cairo Seen by Artists" competition (1985); CMS Basel scholarship (1987). One-man shows include: Gallery Ewat/Lewarden, NL (1989); Kunsthalle Ørebro, S; Egyptian Academy/Rome (1991); opening exhibition of Gallery Cairo-Berlin (1992); graphic arts exhibition at the A.U.C./Cairo (1993). Participation in Grenchen Graphics Triennial, CH; Mashrabia Gallery/Cairo (1993, 96); erection of Sisyphus statue in Walsrode; Heitland scholarship, Lamspring, D (1994); video presentation, El Hanager/Cairo (1995); Cairo Biennial; 1st prize, Kuwait Biennial; Hahmann Galerie/Hamburg (1996); grand prize, Alexandria Biennial (1997); "The Nile", Goethe Institut/Cairo; residency at Vermont Center, USA; 21st October, "Musafirkhan" atelier burnt down, with most of his works (1998); "Scenes from Vermont“, Arabesque Gallery (1999); "Conviviality. The Nile & the Trees" (2002 ), "Cairo. Portraits of a City" (2004), "Nostalgia" (2005), all in the Zamalek Art Gallery/Cairo; International art exhibition/Masqat, Oman (2005); "Word into Art", British Museum/London (2006). Teaching experience: American University, Cairo (1994); Ørebro Art School, Sweden (1995/96); UAS Ottersberg, Germany (2005); Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (2006). In 2007, Mohammed Abla directed for the first time a winter academy near Cairo, where he lives and works. 

Mathias Buss Studied architecture at the Bauhaus University Weimar and Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg (1987 – 1993) As an artist working in theory and practice, Mathias Buss has been active in the field of painting and graphics as well

as in architecture. Thus, he is working in the opposite direction of the professional standing of the conventional architectural profession, which has been losing its broad spectrum more and more in an increasingly specialized world. In his

projects,   Mathias Buss has been working in Germany, Egypt, the Netherlands and the UAE.  His paintings create an emotional access, as an first step of perception, a gate into history. The aim of fine arts – which is being created in landscape 

is to fathom the spirit of the place. His exhibitions have founded the artist’s reputation as a painter of decent and expressing pastels. He “manages to express the longing of nature and silence” (NDR [German broadcasting station]).