Exhibitions: Photos from Guatemala

Alex Med will be organizing a photos exhibition about Guatemala in cooperation with the Embassy of Guatemala in Egypt.

Guatemala, referred to as the country of Eternal Spring. It is a wonderful land where the local instruments Tom, Chimera and the famous Marimba fill the air with their resonant tones and melodies. The national bird is the marvelous Quetzal, which gave inspiration to the national anthem. Guatemala is famous worldwide for its magical city of Antigua, filled with beautiful flowers, impressive churches and mysterious ruins, set around streets paved with legends, where travelers enjoy themselves in this city, surrounded by majestic hills and guarded by jealous volcanoes. Guatemala has two seasons, winter and summer. The rainy season is between the months of May and October, and the dry season, between the months of November and April, when everybody delights in the homely smells of cypresses and corn.