Book Launches: Along the Nile, Through the Sahara

On March 5th, 2013, at the BA Auditorium at 18 hrs, Alex Med is organizing the launch of a book titled “Along the Nile, Through the Sahara”  Travels in the land of the Pharaohs in Search of the Unknown Egypt. The book is written by the Italian Ambassador in Cairo, Mr. Claudio Pacifico.  Mr. Pacifico is a career diplomat. His profession led him to live in various European countries, the United States and, above all, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, posted in a number of hot spots: in Iran during the Ayatollah’s Revolution, in Somalia among its devastating tribal wars, and in the Indian Subcontinent, in Bangladesh, where he ranked as the youngest Ambassador in Italian diplomacy and is a volume in which he blends memories from his several travels in the deserts of Egypt and Northern Africa over the last 40 years, with information about the geography and the history of the various places he mentions.  It was published last December and there are both the English and the Arabic version.