Other: The World Premiere of the Documentary Film "that Alexandria"

Director: Sherif Fathy Salem


The magnificent Alexandria of the first half of the 20th century narrated by its

Greek, Italian, Armenian، Siro lebanese and Egyptian citizens



Seven protagonists; Greeks, Italians, Arminians, Syro-Lebanese and Egyptians, they belong to different religions, sects, social classes and ages, but they have something in common, being Alexandrian of that Alexandria of the first half of 20th century; pearl of the Mediterranean, the magnificent cosmopolitan model, the city of wealth, the cinema center in the east, homeland of international poets and attractive site for esteemed writers. Their personal stories, as well as the narration of three acclaimed Alexandrian scholars, tell the story of the city at that prosperous time, linking it to its ancient glory years when it was the world’s center of knowledge?



Edmond Cassimatis

Osvaldo Laterza

Garabet Ansorian

Rebecca Bohjelian

Massimo Laterza

Fathy Al Safty

Basile Behna



Prof. Mostafa El-Abbadi

Prof. Mohamed Awad

Prof. Sahar Hamouda