Exhibitions: The Liquid Continent Exhibition & Literary Workshop

Alex Med Center organized a conference on Monday 21st of March 2011 at 5:30 pm, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, conference center; “The Liquid Continent Exhibition & Literary Workshop”.

As the spirit of the Liquid Continent exhibition originates from Nicholas Woodsworth trilogy, it translates into the visual language the major question: What is the Liquid Continent, does it still exist?  The exhibition explored the three cities (Alexandria, Istanbul & Venice) and tries to present the visual image of the Liquid Continent. As the literary workshop was happening now, just after the fresh wave of events that had swept Egypt, we had an extraordinary opportunity at the literary workshop to commence the international cultural dialogue with the New Egypt and to discuss the new perspective of how the reformed Egypt could culturally interact with other regions of the Mediterranean. I would suggest that the literary workshop and the discussion will focused on the following questions:
- Is the Mediterranean basin the common cultural denominator of all counties surrounding it in spite of the most recent political events?

- How will the 25 January 2011 revolution events in Egypt and other revolutions in the countries of the Mediterranean affect the international cultural dialogue and cooperation: will the new order be more open to cultural interchange than the old regimes, or will the new democracies focus on their national values?

The Liquid Continent Exhibition features multimedia installation that offers a contemporary perspective of three great Mediterranean cities: Alexandria, Istanbul and Venice. It explores the many aspects and faces of daily life revealing contemplations on their inhabitants’ social behaviours and surroundings. Placed within the context of their glorious past, the Exhibition poses a question within the current context of the cities: “What is the liquid continent? Does is it still exist?”
The journey into the identity and soul of the three port-cities, curated by Cairo-based Archinos Architecture, is a result of the project co-funded by the European Union, through its Delegation to Egypt, within the context of its annual Call for Proposals for Cultural Activities in Egypt and by Orascom Telecom and Mercedes-Benz Alexandria Automotive Co.