Book Launches: Egyptians at the Alps Swiss at the Pyramids

“Stories of Egyptian–Swiss and Swiss–Egyptian and the Story of the Theban Legion of Saint Maurice”

And the Commemoration of the 15th Centennial of the Saint Maurice Abbey


Two countries thousands of kilometers apart from different cultures yet have a common history that is unprecedented in many ways, a history that reaches back to the late third century AD.

The book presents the stories of Egyptian-Swiss and Swiss-Egyptians and the communities they built in their second home, the stories of individuals whose roles and valuable contributions had affected many lives in many ways for generations to follow. This book is an attempt to preserve that history and give it due acknowledgment.



The Saint Maurice Abbey

Located in Switzerland, it’s founded in the year 515 over the grave of Martyrs Maurice and his companions. The monastery will celebrate its 1500th anniversary in 2015, making it the oldest living monastery in the western world! At the South of Egypt, near Thebas (today Luxor), a Roman army legion was created consisting of Egyptian Christian soldiers, all recruited from Upper Egypt hence known as the Theban Legion. The commander of this legion was called Maurice.