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The Bulaq
Phases od Establishing
Naming the Press
The Era of Mohamed Aly's Family
The Deterioration
Role in Modernizing Egyptian Society
Press Release



The Location of the Press

Old Location

The Bulaq Press was first built on part of the Naval Artillery land, overlooking the right shore of the Nile, a small distance to the north of its current location in the Bulaq district.


Current Location

After the Revolution in 1952, the Egyptian Government gave special attention to El Amiriya Press. There was a plan to establish a new building for the Press, to meet the new demands of the different governmental branches. The old machines were to be replaced with modern and updated ones to increase the production capacity. In 1958, the plan for the new building was put into effect on a 30,000 m2 piece of land at the Embaba in Cairo.


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