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Naming the Press

Italian - Arabic DictionaryThe press was first named Dar El Teba'a (House of Printing), as cited on the Foundation Plaque, whereas on the first publication, the 'Italian - Arabic Dictionary' the name Matba'et Saheb El Sa'ada (His Excellency's Press), appeared. The first pages of the dictionary included the footer: "Printed at His Excellency's Press", while the name written on the Italian edition was 'Al Amiriya Press', with 'Bolacco' written in a large font and the statement 'Della Stamperia Reale' underneath . Other names of the Press cited were 'Imprimerie Royale' as well as other variations of the name, depending on the author's creativity in describing the Press. `but 'Bulaq Press' seemed to be constant in all citations.

In 1862, Said Pasha donated the Bulaq Press to Abdel Rahman Roushdy, and the name was changed to 'Abdel Rahman Roushdy Press at Bulaq'. In later years, during the reign of Khedive Ismail, the name of the Press changed to 'Al-Saneya Bulaq Press', a time when the Press was privately owned by the Khedive family. The name of the Bulaq Press changed for the third time during the reign of Khedive Tawfiq, to become the 'Bulaq Amiriya Press' and again in 1903 to the 'Amiriya Press at Bulaq'. In 1956, President Gamal Abdel Nasser established the Ministry of Industry and issued a Presidential decree, founding the Public Association of Printing Press affiliated to the Ministry, under the name 'The Public Association for the Affairs of the Amiriya Press'.

Abdel Rahman Roushdy
Abdul Rahman Roushdy Khedive Ismail Khedive Tawfiq


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