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The Press during the era of Mohamed Aly's Family

A Time of Prosperity

Throughout Mohamed Aly's lifetime, the Press was particularly atended to by the Egyptian Government. Updated models of printing machines were periodically installed by efficient, well - trained and engineers and workers. Although the Press sluggishly developed since its establishment, its role became evident in 1833, when a number of social factors came together and led to its thriving.

First By the time the Press was established, numerous schools and faculties were being founded throughout Egypt. The production of the Press became widely varied between textbooks and military education material that covered scientific, literary and historical content.

Second Mohamed Aly's great interest in transferring the European culture to Egypt led to the stimulation of the translation movement at the time, which provided the Press with a huge amount of material that would later be presented to the public.

Third A number of scholarships were allocated for the study of mechanic engineering, fine arts and printing. This encouraged a great number of students to study and later join the Press, forming an efficient and capable workforce.

Reign of Abbas Helmy I

Abbas Helmy IThe Bulaq Press remained opened during the reign of Mohamed Aly's grandson, inspite of him closing down a large number of other projects, factories, institutions and demobilizing the army. The Bulaq Press even published some of its most valuable works at that time, like Makamat Al Hariri (Al-Hariri's Poems), Khetat Al-Makrizi (Al-Makrizis' Plans) in two volumes and Hasheyat Al Kostelani (Al-Kostelanis' Footnotes) on Hadith.

Reign of Sa'id Pasha

Sa'id PashaAlthough Sa'id Pasha encouraged the development of science and knowledge, he was not interested in disseminating them among the ordinary people. He thought it would complicate matters for his government if people were highly educated. In October 1862 /Rabe'e Al Thani 1279 H, Khedive Sa'id Pasha donated the printing press to Abdel Rahman Roushdy.

Reign of Khedive Ismail

Khedive Ismail In February 1865, Khedive Ismail bought the printing press back from Abdel Rahman Roushdy and affiliated it to the "Saniya Possessions" (The Royal family property). The change of the name to the 'Saniya Press at Bulaq', marked a new era for the press. The machines were renovated and new ones were bought, in 1869, specially for the printing of envelopes. The Bulaq Press also participated in two international printing exhibitions, Paris in 1867, Vienna in 1873.

Reign of Khedive Tawfiq

Khedive TawfiqDuring the time of Khedive Tawfiq, precisely on 20 June 1880, the printing press was reverted to state ownership, after being for 18 years under private ownership. The occasion was marked by the renovation of the building of the Press and a new plaque.

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