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Can I be a member? May I borrow books?

Holding a membership card is mandatory during vacation time:
  • 1 personal photo
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of the parent's ID
  • Filling the membership application form
  • Proof of place of residence ( Recent water receipt or electricity receipt )
  • Annual subscription: EGP 50.-
  • Monthly subscription: EGP 10.-


  • 1 personal photo
  • Child's passport
  • Copy of the parent's passport
  • Filling the membership application form
  • Annual subscription: EGP 250.-
  • Monthly subscription: EGP 55.-

Non-members are welcome to visit the Library with tickets during school time only.



As we all love owning things, the Children's Library offers the children the opportunity of borrowing a book; Children can choose a book and borrow it for 2 weeks. However only annual members are allowed to borrow books. There are some rules that must be followed if you want to borrow books from the Children's Library; you may only take out one book at a time; you can only keep one book for two weeks and then you must either return it or renew it; you can only renew your book once by phone or by coming to the Children's Library. Non-Circulation and Reference Books are not allowed to be borrowed. If you bring your book back after its due date, you will be charged for 25 piasters per day. If you lose your book, then you will have to pay for a new book plus 30% of its original price.