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If you are bored and would like to take a journey with your kids into an amazing fantasy world, I would advise you to watch DreamWorks’ animation The Croods (2013). It is really fun, interesting, and touching enough to be a family movie, and you will definitely be so enthralled by the story and graphics.

The main story of the movie is about a Stone Age prehistoric family named the Croods, who at the dawn of the modern world, as the continents divide, embark on journey of a lifetime after their cave is destroyed. The movie is set in a fictional prehistoric Pliocene era known as “The Croodaceous”.

Way before “modern” was even a thing, the Croods had all the problems of a modern family. They feared the dangers of the outside world and falsely believed that curiosity is the main reason for death; they hid in their cave seeking survival. Alas, their home did not shield them from that danger for long; upon its destruction, they had the chance to explore the outside world and their outlook is forever changed.

Not just was the terrain erupting and moving, the Croods’ whole world was too. While the family traveled across a wonderful landscape, they discovered an incredible world and encountered fantastic creatures. Wonderful mix-ups of extremely different animals are seen; such as elephants looking like rats with tusks and trunks, in a way suggesting that evolution has not occurred yet. Almost all of the animals depicted in the movie are fantastical creatures; based on basic laws of physics and biology, they never existed.

Through this great upheaval, the family understands that they need to “live”, rather than just “survive” in order to make it into the modern world. Some scenes in the movie show the battle for supremacy in a light way that is also a great example of how people at the end have to complement each other. By the end of the movie, the Croods were able to reach and settle on a vast beach, where every day they could follow the light to tomorrow.

What makes The Croods great to your kids is how it deals with some pretty heavy themes and information about the instability, dangers, and wildness of prehistoric times in a funny way. You see falling rocks, tumbling mountains, and the Earth opening up to swallow the ground. The Croods brings to the screen a world we had only imagined in a colorful and remarkable way, carrying wonderful messages of courage, adventure, and family relationships.

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