Tips for Safe Picnicking


Spending time outdoors has several health benefits, and food always makes gatherings more enjoyable! If you plan on picnicking, it is easy to get distracted; we have, thus, gathered these handy tips to help you safely prepare for your next trip.

Picnic Essentials Bag

Prepare a bag with essential picnic materials that you would take on any trip, containing:

  1. Sunblock

This is necessary if you plan on having a picnic in a sunny area; it protects you from harmful Sun rays and decreases the risks of skin damage and diseases.

  1. Hand sanitizer

In case you do not find running water, it is always good to have a hand sanitizer to clean your hands before and after eating or handling food.

  1. Tissues

Tissues are a necessity in any outing, so keeping a pack or two ready will help keep you prepared at the time of need.

  1. Towels

Towels have several uses, such as using them to cover your food to prevent flies from landing on it.

  1. A first aid kit

You never know when accidents can happen. Prepare a kit containing cotton swabs, bandages, an antiseptic solution, cream for insect bites, cream for burns, and a pain killer.

  1. Insect repellant

Mosquitos and other insects love greenery; insect repellant will help you keep these uninvited insects away.

  1. Extra bags

After packing up your things for the day, remember to keep the place clean by picking up your garbage and throwing it away at its designated area.

Food Preparation Tips

Make sure to follow these precautions while preparing your food:

  1. Wash any fruits and vegetables at home and store them in a clean container.
  2. Prepare an icebox for foods that need to be kept cool, such as raw meats to be cooked on site. Make sure you have enough ice to keep them at the right temperature. Keeping raw meat at a warm temperature gives a chance for food poisoning bacteria to multiply and accumulate in the food.
  3. Avoid partially cooking meat at home to reduce cooking time this leaves them at a temperature that is optimum for bacterial accumulation.
  4. Avoid using any juices that formed from your raw meats as a dressing after cooking your food, as it may carry harmful bacteria from the raw meat to the cooked food.
  5. If you decide to bring along cooked food, do not leave them warm for more than two hours; to prevent the food from getting spoiled from the heat.
  6. If any of your food smells bad, throw it away.

Additional Tips

  1. Bring along a table cloth or a blanket to keep the space clean.
  2. Prepare extra water for drinking and washing, just in case no water is available at the site of your picnic.
  3. Bring separate plates and eating utensils for every member of the outing. This will help you avoid transferring bacteria or viruses from one person to the other by sharing utensils.


Remember to prepare a picnic essentials bag, and to handle your food safely. Finally, enjoy a lovely time in your next picnic!


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