A Virus under the Microscope
(Life Sciences)

Viruses are of various different types, but they all infect all kinds of organisms and they all have exactly the same anatomical structure.

Dates and their Nutritional and Health Value
(Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition)

During the blessed month of Ramadan, dates are highly consumed as they contain the sugars that provide the fasting person, during breakfast, with high energy that is easily absorbed and assimilated. What are the most famous types of dates? What are their benefits? Do they cause any harm to some people?

The Physics of Shipping in Constricted Waters
(Science at Work)

After days of arduous labor, the Ever-Given container ship was finally released allowing for the international commerce movement across the Suez Canal to resume. In light of this incident, we picked three physical phenomena that affect vessels passing through constricted waterways to tackle in this article: the squat effect, the bank effect, and the bank cushion effect.

Communication Technology: Connecting People?
(Good and Evil)

Although some welcome the Internet as an ultimate solution to everything, others fear its curse. Through this groundbreaking medium, and its related technologies, content and advertising can reach billions of people instantaneously and simultaneously, which for the most part has transformed almost every aspect of our way of life―private, social, cultural, economic and political―to the better.

Make Your Own Telescope
(The Scientist Inside You)

The holy month of Ramadan will start in few days, bringing its blessings along. Make your own telescope to be able to observe Ramdan's crescent moon by yourself.

Virus Hunters: Preventing the Coming Pandemic
(COVID-19 Pandemic)

"Deadly infectious agents can evolve inside animal organisms, up until some mutation emerges, causing them to acquire the ability to infect human beings and spread from one person to another. Most of these will probably never become a real danger, but just as likely one will". Barbara Gallavotti (2019). Does this warning ring a bell?

Should We Fear New Variants of the Coronavirus?
(COVID-19 Pandemic)

The coronavirus acquires new mutations and changes as time passes. The danger of these mutations lies in enabling the virus to escape the immune system or resist vaccines.

Elizabeth Blackwell: America’s First Female Doctor
(Women and Science)

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive an MD degree from an American medical school in 1849.

When Death is Essential
(Good and Evil)

This death, on the cellular level, is essential for life!

Egyptian Scientist Nashwa El-Bendary
(Women and Science)

Meet the Egyptian scientist Nashwa El-Bendary, winner of the ALECSO and L'Oréal-UNESCO awards.

Coffee: Bliss or Sin?
(Good and Evil)

For coffee lovers like myself, what is it about coffee that gets us hooked? Why is it good? Why is it bad?

Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp
(Women and Science)

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, was born in 1820, to a wealthy family who expected her to make a good marriage and live a conventional upper-class woman’s life. Yet, she had another plan that ended up into a long-lasting celebrated legacy.

Are we destined for a Dystopian Tech-Future?
(Good and Evil)

Technology in and of itself is neutral; however, depending on how it is used, it can have positive or negative effects. Some people are quite pessimistic about the future of technological advancement and what it will mean for human development.

Margaret Ann Bulkley: The Victor/Victoria of Medicine
(Women and Science)

In the early 17th-century Britain, when no female students were admitted into medical schools, Margaret Ann Bulkley made history as the first female to graduate as a medical doctor from Edinburgh University and became the first British female surgeon, all while disguised as a man.

When the Hero is also the Villain
(Good and Evil)

What makes us think of certain people as heroes or villains? Is it their compassion? Their body shape? Their selfless or greedy acts? Or, is it our own perspective that controls the way we look at them? Can someone be both a hero and a villain?

Margaret A. Liu: The Mother of DNA Vaccines
(Women and Science)

Nicknamed “The Mother of DNA Vaccines”, Liu is known for her work in developing DNA injections as a vaccine to combat viruses.

Cancer Patients amidst a Pandemic
(COVID-19 Pandemic)

No doubt the pressure has been double for people who are already fighting other chronic or serious diseases.  This article is dedicated to shed light on some facts related to cancer patients and COVID-19.

Women Physicians of Ancient Egypt
(Women and Science)

No wonder the Ancient Egyptian civilization, being one that allowed its female members to pursue their dreams, is recognized as one of the greatest on Earth.

An Overview of the Sinopharm and Pfizer Vaccines
(COVID-19 Pandemic)

After a crazy, hectic year, we have a number of vaccines for corona virus, of which  we will tackle Pfizer-BioNTech’s and Sinopharm’s.

Sally Ride: A Space Pioneer
(Women and Science)

We are all familiar with Neil Armstrong and Yuri Gagarin. However, few of us know about female astronauts, one of whom is Sally Ride, the first female to orbit the Earth.

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