Articles (Summer)

Deodorants: What they do and what they do not do!
(Safe Summer)

During summer, the sweating rate increases and some often use deodorant to prevent unpleasant smell; however, there have been more allegations trying to link the use of deodorants to some diseases.

Achilles Heel
(Safe Summer)

Whenever I read this story, I ask myself: Is this part of the body really so vulnerable that the Ancient Greeks created a myth about it?

The Sun: the Source of Life
(Safe Summer)

In summer, we always complain of the Sun’s heat, sometimes wishing it would just disappear! Can we live or even imagine life without a Sun?

How to Have a Productive Holiday
(Safe Summer)

Is it possible to feel free and productive simultaneously?

Healthy Fasting
(Food and Agriculture)

Although Ramadan is a great opportunity to lose excessive weight, most of us, on the contrary, gain weight at the end.

Chemistry of Summer
(Safe Summer)

Becoming a science communicator has made me curious about the chemistry behind everything I use. As we approach the summer, I found myself compelled to how to enjoy it while staying healthy.

Forever Young!
(Chemistry: Our Life, Our Future)

Getting wrinkles is a natural process; it is something we cannot avoid, and it starts happening in our twenties and thirties. Thankfully, there are affordable and effective ways to hold back the formation of wrinkles and keep our skin looking younger for a longer time.

The Mystery of Shark Attacks
(Safe Summer)

Back in 2010, a series of bloody shark attacks terrorized the normally serene beaches of Sharm-Elsheikh. The attacks were so ferocious that experts were at a loss explaining the unprecedented behavior.

Chemistry and Beauty
(Science at Home)

Women pay a lot of attention to their looks without considering the potential harm of using some products for a long time, the result of which may be the destruction of their beauty, or even illness.

Summer Bites
(Safe Summer)

Having my legs and arms covered with insect bites indicates that summer has arrived. With summer’s heat, buzzing bees, marching ants, and swarming mosquitoes invade our world.

The Day Summer Starts
(Safe Summer)

It is during the summer that we get to relax and travel around. But, when exactly does summertime start?

What to Wear in Summer—that is the Question!
(Safe Summer)

Being aware of what you should wear in summer is very important to stay cool, comfortable and healthy.

Surviving The Summer
(Safe Summer)

Tips for surviving the upcoming hot Summer days.

Surviving Ramadan
(Safe Summer)

The days of Ramadan have been getting hotter and longer for some years now. This presents a challenge for pious Muslims, who have to fast from dawn to dusk, nearly 15 hours, in the scorching heat.

​Vitamin Sea: Thalassotherapy
(Safe Summer)

As summer approaches, we start planning our vacations; first on the list is going to the beach, where we enjoy swimming and tanning. 

Sunglasses: Protecting Shields
(Safe Summer)

Have you set for a joyful vacation this summer? Do not forget to pack your sunglasses. Need a new pair?

Camping Safety Tips
(Safe Summer)

Warm summer weather is always tempting for outside activities; a camping holiday can be fun for all family members. Pitching your tent is one of the least expensive accommodation options for a holiday.

Summer Allergy
(Safe Summer)

While summer usually brings cheerful weather and beautiful blooming plants, millions of people will be dealing with a recurring problem.

Good Summer Nutrition
(Safe Summer)

Summer is on; the weather is getting really hot. Since we are in a vacation season, we will be going on picnics or we will be enjoying the beach, but what food should we eat to stay fresh and cool?

When Summer is Depressing!
(Safe Summer)

Despite the warm sunshine and the much anticipated freedom that accompanies summertime, many people can actually feel more depressed during the summer. 

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