Fun with Science
In collaboration with the BA Young People’s and Children’s Library, the PSC offers the Fun with Science program, which applies a series of fables containing valuable messages that aim to provide children with a scientific basis, enabling them to make use of scientific facts as creative tools.

This season, there are three interesting fables: The King of Hearts, where students will gain information about the human heart and the heart of whales; The Strongest Tree, where they will discover the role of sunrays, ants, mushrooms and bacteria in growing trees; and Cold Feet, through which they will discover facts about humidity, as well as strawberries and radish.

A major theme of the program is the introduction of "systems thinking"; children learn that everything is interconnected. The first part of the program is based on storytelling, while the second part focuses on hands-on scientific activities.

- Target age group: 6-12 years
- Number of sessions/week: 2
- Session duration: 2 hrs
- Maximum number of participants: 25
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