Tanta Science Museum

Tanta Science Museum is a collaboration between the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. It is an interactive science museum in Tanta; it includes attractive interactive experiments and exhibits covering different scientific fields. As visitors explore them, they communicate scientific information and theories spontaneously. Tanta Science Museum includes three main sections:

  • “Discover your Body”: this section allows the visitors to explore their five senses, and know more about some parts of his body and their functions through some interactive experiments.
  • “Discover your Environment”: in this section, visitors learn about some forms of energy from interactive experiments, some of which allow visitors transform energy from one form to another. Visitors will also learn about renewable energy sources and ways of energy sustainability.
  • “Discover Space”: Here, visitors learn about planet Earth, and the difference between it and other planets of the solar system; in terms of its location from the Sun, temperature, and size. Through some interactive experiments, visitors know more about some astronomical phenomena, such as: solar eclipse and black holes.

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