Science Club Initiative

We would like to thank the Ministry of Education for their fruitful cooperation to make this project achieves its goals; to promote science & technology among school students and the public at large, and to show their relevance to everyday life.

The Planetarium Science Center ( PSC ) launched the Science Clubs initiative (SCI) in public schools to overcome the lack of practical hands-on science education. The SC offers hands-on programs in selected public primary and preparatory schools. It will build on children’s curiosity and creativity to engage them in science learning and help them embark on a journey of discovery. It will also emphasize the relevance of science to our everyday life.

The SCI provided the necessary equipment and material to conduct simple scientific experiments, which aim at teaching children science knowledge, creativity, critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and team-work as well as  presentation skills.  Moreover, the SCI offers teachers’ training to level up the teachers’ practical and teaching skills outside curriculum barriers.

Science Clubs allocated areas in schools are considered satellites of the PSC workshops located in distant and in some cases disadvantaged schools. They are considered miniature models of the science center workshop areas offering hands-on activities and supporting research programs. The science center provides the necessary scientific illustrative kits, equipment, computers and material to conduct simple scientific experiments, which aim at teaching children critical thinking.

• The SCI had been conducted in 300 governmental primary and preparatory schools in Alexandria. 
• The teachers training targeted in average 2-3 science teachers from each school to guarantee the stability and the continuity of the project in each school. 
• During the period 2010-2013, around 3000-4000 students had been targeted (as temporary students, who were involved in numbers of  activities conducted at the SCs).
• The SCI targeted 1000 students (as permanent students with regular visits to the SC).
• TOT teachers (4 Science teachers) were selected to be as consultants to the project, and to assist the PSC in coordinating the project through following up visits to the different SCs. 

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