´╗┐Believing in the right of Civil Society Associations to visit the PSC and utilize from its diverse activities, the first Wednesday of each month has been dedicated to receive their members to visit the Center and participate in the activities it presents free of charge as shown below:
• Alexploratorium: maximum 50 visitors per tour, as scheduled for the day.
• Listen and Discover Shows: maximum 70 visitors per show, as scheduled for the day.
• Planetarium Shows: maximum 100 visitors per day.
• Two Workshops: maximum 25 participants from the same age group participating in each.
• Super Science Show: maximum 100 visitors per show, as scheduled for the month.

Regulations of Reservation:

• Presenting an official request on the Association’s letterhead specifying the name of the association, date of declaration from the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the association’s serving field.
• Applicant should come to the PSC for confirming reservation, at least, five working days before the reservation date. 
• In case of no show at the date of reservation without prior notice, the  association is denied making future reservations. 
• Filling in the attached reservation form. Click here to fill in the form.
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