Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon - A public Lecture
From: 04 January 2011 To: 04 January 2011

On the morning of Tuesday, 4 January 2011, a partial solar eclipse will be visible in the skies of Egypt. Solar eclipses are among the most magnificent natural phenomena. They occur when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. In Alexandria, where the eclipse will begin at 9:03 am, the Moon will cover approximately 55% of the Sun’s apparent diameter. The eclipse will last 3 hours, and will also be visible in most of Europe, North Africa, and central Asia.

BA Astronomer Aymen Ibrahem conducts a lecture entitled “Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon”. The lecture presents intriguing facts on eclipses, and the nature and characteristics of the Sun and the Moon. The duration of the lecture is 40 minutes. 

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