BIG (NOT showing now)
Duration: 25 Minutes

At some time or other, we have all looked up and wondered … How big? … If we kept on looking, farther and farther still, how big would big get?


It is an age-old mystery. From the Stone Age … to the modern age … we have been intrigued by a night sky that seems so near … yet always out of reach. For the present, we are firmly stuck in our tiny corner of the universe.


So how can we explore the vastness beyond? Probes … space telescopes … ground-based observatories … Spectacular stuff –but what does it tell us about the size of the universe?


It is difficult to imagine the vastness of empty space. A hundred years ago, we thought that our Galaxy, the Milky Way, was the entire universe. Now we know that the universe is far, far bigger. So how big will big be … when future generations gaze up at the dark, starry night?

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