DarkStar Adventure (NOT showing now)
Duration: 30 Minutes

DarkStar Adventure is a groundbreaking half-dome show for viewers of all ages.


After spending three years at her father's astronomy research station on a dusty, dying planet, Subrah, a teenager bored by science, is excited about leaving – and not a moment too soon. The planet's sun is about to explode and it's time to evacuate.


When a technical glitch launches Subrah's father into space without her, she is faced with the biggest challenge of her life – making her own getaway and returning safely home again.


Join Subrah, and her robot helper, on an unforgettable voyage of discovery as they unravel a cosmic riddle that points the way to planet Bekanal. You'll witness the awesome power of a supernova, explore the heart of a gaseous nebula, visit exotic pulsars and learn to keep a safe distance from a black hole!

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