Human Body (NOT showing now)
Duration: 40 Minutes

Using groundbreaking photographic techniques, the Human Body promises to amaze audiences with a firsthand look at some of the body’s simple biological processes, such as the creation of 200 billion red blood cells over one 24-hour period, the 30-40 yards of new hair we sprout each day, and the daily demise of 10,000 brain cells that will never be replaced!


You will be enthralled by this extraordinary and insightful adventure that begins each morning from the moment we first open our eyes, as burning cells from the surface of our retinas reveal a fresh set of sensors, to the last rumblings of our evening meal as it is turned into the energy we will need to face tomorrow.


The Human Body is a presentation of the Learning Channel and BBC Worldwide of a Discovery Pictures/BBC co-production in association with the Maryland Science Center and the Science Museum, London with major funding provided by the National Science Foundation.

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