New Horizons (NOT showing now)
Duration: 23 Minutes

Five thousand years ago, when ancient Stonehenge was not so ancient, a magnificent apparition appeared in the sky. To its builders, this heavenly sign might have expressed the delight of the gods or even their displeasure.


When this same celestial visitor returned to the skies of Earth at the end of the twentieth century, a few still thought it was a heavenly messenger, but most people realized that this was actually a comet―a distant member of our Solar System.


This amazing new show takes us on a breathtaking expedition through the Solar System and into the realm of comets―billions upon billions of them.


Icy mountains, they swarm around our now dim star. A gentle tug or gravitational push and they’ll fall inward, on a journey that can take thousands of years.


How did they get there?
For us Earthlings, our voyage of space exploration has barely just begun. Fresh mysteries, old questions, new sights, new worlds… beckon us constantly.
As long as curiosity remains in the human race, we will be drawn to explore, understand, and perhaps live on these New Horizons…
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