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Golden Sunrise over Cairo

18 July 2007
On 14 July 2007, there were low altitude clouds drifting over the eastern horizon of Cairo, during sunrise. Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, Senior Astronomy Specialist, observed the spectacular display of crepuscular rays and cloud shadows that resulted due to the passage of the clouds in front of the rising Sun.

Planets Parade over Farm

17 July 2007
On 16 July 2007, there was a fascinating planetary alignment in the Egyptian skies. It was an evening conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Saturn, over the western horizon. Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, Senior Astronomy Specialist, pictured the celestial spectacle from a farm, near Alexandria, Egypt.

Viewing the Nightside of Saturn

16 July 2007
NASA recently published a breathtaking image of Saturn, the ringed giant, acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft. This is an infrared view of Saturn, showing the planet's immense shadow, stretching across the graceful rings.

A New View of a Volcanic Moon

13 July 2007
NASA recently published an interesting image of Saturn's icy, geologically active moon Enceladus. The image was acquired by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft.

Catching Some Rays

11 July 2007
Harnessing the power of the sun is nothing new. People have had solar-powered calculators and buildings with solar panels for decades. However plants are the real experts: They have been using sunlight as an energy source for billions of years.

Cassini Detects Organic Substances on Hyperion

09 July 2007
Data acquired recently by the Saturn-bound Cassini spacecraft demonstrated that Hyperion, Saturn's icy peculiar moon, has patches of a thin coat of organic dust, deposited somehow on the bottoms of some craters.

Earth Passes Perihelion

08 July 2007
On 7 July 2007, Earth passed aphelion, the farthest point from the Sun along Earth's elliptical orbit. At aphelion, Earth is 3.4% farther from the Sun than at Perihelion, Earth's minimum distance from the Sun.

A Celestial Showpiece over Alexandria

05 July 2007
Venus and Saturn continue to dazzle skywatchers, in the evening western sky. Mr. Aymen Ibrahem, BA Senior Astronomy Specialist, observed the wonderful conjunction for over a week, producing new interesting photos.

Atlantis Returns to Kennedy Space Center

04 July 2007
On 3 July 2007, Space Shuttle Atlantis officially concluded its latest mission, STS-117, by landing in Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida. Atlantis was attached atop a modified 747 jetliner, called the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft.

A New View of a Giant Impact Crater

03 July 2007
NASA recently published a stunning image of Tethys, Saturn's icy moon, acquired by the Cassini spacecraft. It is an ultraviolet image of the Saturn-facing side of Tethys (1,070 km across), showing the moon's rugged, varied terrain.

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