General Activities

LYM in Marsa-Matrouh program
11 July 2010 - 18 September 2010

Three groups of the LYM program has travelled to Marsa-Matrouh during the period from 11 July to 18 September2010. This project is an outreach of the BA activities in other governorates aiming to increase environmental awareness among youth, to build their capacities and to exchange their knowledge. It also aims to the recognition of the desert heritage of Marsa-Matrouh and Siwa. In this project we had many field visits and lectures by eminent speakers.

The Flag day
11 February 2011

In this project a big flag was made that was (100m x9m) and the students stood along its length on the stairs of the library protecting the BA from the protestors and made a march with it to Elmanchya area in Alexandria.

Medical Convoy
25 February 2011

The students made a medical convoy in five different medical fields directed to the area of (Ezbet Elsaieda) King Marioute in addition to a bus full of dentists whom were responsible for a part of the Medical Convoy, Also 100 food bag were distributed

A Field Visit to Mubarak City for Science and Technology
03 February 2009

A Field Visit to Mubarak City for Science and Technology.

Arab Revolutions Exhibition
04 April 2012 - 18 April 2012

Dr. Salah Soliman inaugurated the” Arab Revolutions Exhibition” exhibition held till 18 April, the east exhibition, Bibliotheca Alexandrina conference center. The exhibition gathered artists from Syria , Libya and Egypt. All the arts works ( paintings and photographed) displayed are inspired from the Arab revolutions.

Agriculture Development in Africa (Lecture by Dr. Ismail Serageldin)
26 May 2012


Next Saturday, the 19th of May 2012 Dr. Ismail Serageldin the Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina will give an interesting lecture about the Agricultural Development in Africa. In the Bibliotheca Alexandrina-Conference Centre-Meeting room C. The lecture will be given in English.Waiting for you all to attend.  Registration at 2.30 pm.  

Summer workshops

Youth for Environmental Sustainability  and  Better Understanding program , YESBU, organizes a series of workshop on Prezi program, website development  and scientific research.

For more details and registration, please visit :

Summer worshops
27 May 2012 - 20 June 2012

Youth for Environmental Sustainability  and  Better Understanding program , YESBU, organizes a number of workshops about Prezi, webiste development, Office program and scientific research.

Attendance is by registration:

Iftar Ramadan
05 August 2012

The YESBU Iftar will be organized in (نادي أعضاء هيئة التدريس) beside the university Stadium, On Sunday the 5th of August 2012

The price for a meal is 27 LE, to suscribe you have to pay all the fees to Engineer Fres Farag (01110982660) , on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 9 AM to 2 PM in the Plaza of the BA.

Last day for reservation is on Tuesday 31/7/2012

Presentation Skills
05 August 2012

YESBU is Organizing a presentation skills session by Mr. Ahmed Refaat, on Sunday 5th of August 2012 at 11 AM in the Lecture hall-Conference Centre-Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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