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Internet Searching

The course has three main areas of focus: the use of the Internet for information searching and communication , evaluating Internet resources , and the use of the Internet in libraries and information agencies. Topics to be covered include searching techniques, search engines and directories, a study of the applications of the Internet in libraries and information agencies, and current trends and developments related to the Internet.


The course will fulfill the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the range of resources and services available through the Internet, and the equipment and facilities needed to access it;
  • Use basic Internet tools for communication and information searching;
  • Use search engines and directories to locate information on the Internet related to a specific subject or topic;
  • Gain access to documents and periodical publications that are available through the Internet;
  • Evaluate and use material that has been located through Internet tools and services;
  • Discuss the present and potential applications of the Internet in a library or information services setting;

Course Content

Topics to be covered in the course will include the following:

  • An overview of the Internet as it is today; the development of the Internet; how to get more information about the Internet;
  • Electronic mail
  • Internet resources by subject or topic, guides to Internet resources by subject, indexing services, search services and tools;
  • Search engines; other Internet browsing and search tools;
  • Library catalogues and other bibliographic services;
  • Electronic journals and newsletters;
  • Commercial services;
  • Ftp (file transfer protocol);
  • USENET Newsgroups;
  • Evaluation of Internet resources and services;
  • Applications of the Internet in the library or information agency setting;
  • Internet developments and issues associated with the use of the Internet.

This course will enable patrons to make an efficient use of the Internet. Through in-depth lectures patrons will be introduced to the different Internet services, the difference between the Internet and the Web. They will learn extensively about the different web search tools including Search Engines, Directories and Meta Search Engines. Through intensive hands-on patrons will perfectly master the online search techniques, and will learn how to develop an effective search strategy. Also they will learn about essential criteria for evaluating the web resources. By the end of the course, they will have practical training to evaluate their level in using Internet.

Prior registration is required at the General Reference Desk at the entrance of the library (E level). or via e-mail to: