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Reference Advanced Course


Reference materials are considered key tools for achieving traceability of measurements, proving accuracy of methods and demonstrating proficiency of laboratories. The aim of this workshop is the practical demonstration of selection and use of reference materials . Among the course objectives are :

  • Selection of appropriate materials
  • Evaluation of analytical results of reference materials
  • Establishing traceability
  • Proper material handling
  • Making full use of existing information

Course Content

In the first session, the instructor will ask participants what they know about references (delete it will) through a short quiz, to have an idea about their level of knowledge in this area. Then, he will introduce all kinds of references and how to use them including:

  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries and thesauri
  • Directories
  • Biographical sources
  • Maps, atlases & gazetteers
  • Almanacs and fact books
  • Bibliographies
  • Manuals & Handbooks
  • Indexes and abstracts

The instructor will explain the methods of use, focusing on 2 categories of references.

In the second session, he will introduce 6 other reference types . During these two sessions, he will show several references as example. Participants will have to answer questions given by the instructor by using the samples of references materials were introduced to during the session.

The third session will consist of the rest the references types.

The fourth session will consist of a quiz, and participants will answer questions by searching the references on the shelves. T his session will take place mainly in B4, then they will meet after 45 min to see how did they did and what information they acquired out of the workshop. They will be given also a survey sheet to tell us their opinions & suggestions about the workshop, this survey will help us to evaluate our work and it can help to enhance the program.


This class includes lectures , demos , and hands-on. The class offers a definition of the Reference materials and gives an in depth view of the different types of references and how to retrieve information using the BA reference collection. Patrons will be able to easily find the BA reference collection through the catalog, they will also learn how to cite the reference resources used in their research. The class includes a practical training during the session.

Prior registration is required at the General Reference Desk at the entrance of the library (E level) or via e-mail to: