Urban Development: City Development: Kom El-Dikka

This is an EU funded project, as part of the Support to Cultural Diversity and Creativity in Egypt Project. It aims to present a report to facilitate cultural and artistic activities in Kom el Dikka, an underprivileged area at the heart of the central district of Alexandria. The project will include the restoration and refurbishment of the area and the implementation and management of a specific cultural program. This is expected to result in the increasing involvement of the Egyptian public in artistic events and productions, leading to the development of the neighborhood.

The rehabilitation of Kom el Dikka will involve planning the public areas as well as encouraging owners of cafés and other modest establishments to consider an extended or upgraded use of their facilities. There is also an unused cistern which could be turned into workshops and art classes, exhibition space, and a place for musical performances and the dissemination of audiovisual works. Events and activities are expected to be mainly outdoors, using the streets, pavements and courts, as well as indoors such as cafés, the cistern and perhaps buildings rehabilitated especially for the project.