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Blue Zones
(Human Health)

Can improving your lifestyle only add more years to your life? Or is it the social and physical environment in which people live that affect people’s life longevity?

Electronic Aspirin
(Human Health)

Do you suffer from a daily headache? Have you tried ordinary types of aspirins? If it did not kill the pain and the pain grew stronger, the Electronic Aspirin is the solution.

World’s First Artificial Heart Transplanted Successfully
(Human Health)

The wait could soon be over for hundreds of thousands of people on heart transplant waiting lists as the medical community celebrates the first successful implantation of an artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient in Paris, paving the way for many long term robotic substitutes.

Goodbye Wheelchair: It is the Exoskeleton Time
(Human Civilization)

If you are a fan of the “Iron Man” comic books and movie series, you are probably fascinated with the powered, flight-capable suit of armor that fictional industrialist Tony Stark puts on when he goes out to battle evildoers. Would not it be great to have one of those around?

Placebo Effect
(Human Civilization)

Feed a sick man a dummy pill that he thinks will cure him, and often his health will improve in a similar way to someone taking real drugs. In other words, a bunch of nothing can improve your health.

The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance
(Human Civilization)

More than eight decades ago, the discovery of antibiotics caused a revolution in the treatment of infections, transforming once deadly diseases that killed thousands every year into manageable health problems, treatable by a simple course of antibiotics.

World War II
(Human Civilization)

World War II was a long and bloody war that lasted for six years.

PathChip: the Diagnostic Microchip
(Technology and Us)

We have seen microchips, so many times in sci-fi movies. 

Superheroes of the Real World: Magnetic Man
(Come to Your Senses)

Meet Liew Thon Lin, the 78-year-old retired contractor from Malaysia, who is also the real life Human Magnet.

Superheroes of the Real World: RubberBoy
(Come to Your Senses)

Some people are just more flexible than others. 

Déjà Vu
(Come to Your Senses)

The term “déjà vu” is originally French, and means "already seen".

Superheroes of the Real World: A Tribute to Ben Underwood
(Come to Your Senses)

They called him a superhero and named him “Captain Sonar” and “The Boy who Sees without Eyes”.

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