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How Ebola Works
(How Things Work)

As the number of cases of Ebola virus disease continues to rise, flight restrictions are put in place and the media frenzy continues, you may be asking yourself: What is Ebola and how does it work?

Blood Pressure Gauge
(How Things Work)

The human heart is an amazing pump, it works reliably for decades, and it safely pumps blood—one of the trickiest and most sophisticated liquids around.

Royal Jelly
(Human Health)

Queens always receive special treatment, and bees are no different. 

Are You Ready for an Emergency?
(Human Health)

The most important factor in preparing for medical emergencies is to do everything you can to prevent them.

Sleep: Getting a Good Night’s Worth
(Human Health)

Like good nutrition and exercise, adequate sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep deprivation is an unrecognized cause of many problems. 

Pesky Sniffles
(Human Health)

The ever pesky sniffles, the cough that makes you sound like a dying pirate, the whole body aches as if you just rolled down some steep stairs, lethargy that glues you to your bed; all these are symptoms of the common cold. 

Immortal Cells
(Human Health)

All humans are made of the same organs, but we are all unique. One of the greatest features of humanity is each person’s individuality, and this can extend even to your cells. One such individual with cells like no other is Henrietta Lacks.

Autism Speaks
(Human Health)

Autism is a general term for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. 

Stem Cells: The Future of Medicine
(Human Health)

We often hear about the amazing potential of “stem cells”, and how they will revolutionize the human diseases treatment; allowing us to grow new organs, regenerate our bodies, and perhaps even remain youthful forever!

Healing Currents
(Human Health)

Everyone experiences pain at one point or another, usually we know that the pain eventually wears off, but what if it does not? Many people who have had injuries continue to suffer from pain, the kind that never goes away. 

Swine Flu makes a Comeback
(Human Health)

It seems that with every winter comes a new type of Influenza that grips our nation with fear and confusion. 

How to Talk to Your Doctor
(Human Health)

When it comes to staying healthy or living with a medical condition, your doctor is one of the most valuable resources you have. 

The Inner Battle
(Human Health)

The worst kinds of battles are the ones we fight against ourselves. Everybody is equipped with an immune system that defends the body against outer threats, such as viruses and bacteria.

Blue Zones
(Human Health)

Can improving your lifestyle only add more years to your life? Or is it the social and physical environment in which people live that affect people’s life longevity?

Electronic Aspirin
(Human Health)

Do you suffer from a daily headache? Have you tried ordinary types of aspirins? If it did not kill the pain and the pain grew stronger, the Electronic Aspirin is the solution.

World’s First Artificial Heart Transplanted Successfully
(Human Health)

The wait could soon be over for hundreds of thousands of people on heart transplant waiting lists as the medical community celebrates the first successful implantation of an artificial heart into a 75-year-old patient in Paris, paving the way for many long term robotic substitutes.

Inventions that changed the Course of History: Anesthesia
(Human Civilization)

Anesthesia is the temporary loss of sensation induced by drugs that interfere with how nerves communicate. 

Placebo Effect
(Human Civilization)

Feed a sick man a dummy pill that he thinks will cure him, and often his health will improve in a similar way to someone taking real drugs. In other words, a bunch of nothing can improve your health.

The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance
(Human Civilization)

More than eight decades ago, the discovery of antibiotics caused a revolution in the treatment of infections, transforming once deadly diseases that killed thousands every year into manageable health problems, treatable by a simple course of antibiotics.

PathChip: the Diagnostic Microchip
(Technology and Us)

We have seen microchips, so many times in sci-fi movies. 

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