Articles (Computer Science)

Manufacturing Intelligence
(Technology and Us)

Artificial intelligence specialists are becoming more ambitious; they have started developing Artificial Neural Networks, which enable a robot to learn like a human brain.

What Is Quantum Computing?
(Technology and Us)

Experts expect a revolution in informatics led by quantum computing.

A World Without Internet
(Technology and Us)

Those born in the 20th century know well the life with and without the internet, but younger generations depend on it on a daily basis.

Around the World in One Day – Part II
(Travel, Explore, and Venture)

Let’s resume our journey and see how trotting around the globe in one day would feel like.

Beyond Walls
(Science at Work)

Some production activities have historically taken the form of bringing groups of individuals together for specific projects.

Facial Recognition
(How Things Work)

Facial recognition technology has become one of the mainstream security and safety technologies in the meantime.

The Elusive Genius: Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto
(Invisible People of Science)

For years, the genius mathematician responsible for the creation of Bitcoin—the first ever digital cryptocurrency—remained unknown. 

Smart Techniques for Smarter Education
(Science at Work)

Teachers use different tools to facilitate their hard profession; one of which is the writing board, which is the oldest and best known tool.

E-learning in Africa

Any nation aiming to join the ranks of advanced nations must first and foremost look to its educational system.

Outside the Box
(Science at Work)

Outsourcing can be a smart business decision if done correctly, but it can also be detrimental to business.

The Worldwide Work Web
(Science at Work)

Each wave of technology overturns its predecessor but the development of computing technologies is more than a chain of innovation.

The Internet and Mind Control
(Behavioral Sciences)

Does Facebook really connect people or provide an unrealistic version of reality? 

The Golden Touch
(Science at Work)

In Greek mythology, King Midas had asked the god Dionysus for the ability to turn everything he touched into gold; when he was granted his wish, he thought he had good fortune. Yet, he soon came to regret making that wish!

Home Automation
(Science at Home)

Now you can connect your home devices to your mobile, tablet, or PC via a Wi-Fi connection.

It Is Not Always About The Food: Happy New Year!
(The Scientist Inside You)

Christmas and New Year are more or less the same for most Egyptians. Both are very special occasions; the first refers to celebrating the birth of Jesus, and the second refers to the New Year celebrations. 

Young Innovators: Eesha Khare
(Brilliant Young Minds)

Every other day, we hear about a new technological breakthrough, or a new exciting innovation that someone has developed; we are truly...

Zea Tongeman: The Cool Geek Girl
(Brilliant Young Minds)

Being a technology geek, the 14-year-old Zea Tongeman applied technology to create an application on any device that encourages people to recycle while having fun.

Successful Egyptian Startups
(Brilliant Young Minds)

Have you ever had an idea that can be developed into a business. Well, this article presents four successful “startups” by young Egyptians; a “startup” being an entrepreneurial venture or a new business in the first stage of its operations. 

Cloud Storage
(Technology and Us)

Have you ever experienced a hard disk failure? 

Cloud Computing
(Technology and Us)

Have you ever used the cloud storage service “Dropbox”?

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