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Dyslexia: A Disappointment that Sneaks into Children’s Hearts
(Brilliant Young Minds)

Sitting anxious among his peers as his turn to read out loud approaches. As the teacher calls his name, his eyes devour the word in a desperate attempt to read it correctly, and not blunder its letters as he did before. 

Nature's Got Talent
(Earth Sciences)

Do you believe that nature's got talent?

The Sound of Earth
(Earth Sciences)

Mother Nature is always speaking; she speaks in a language only the sincere listener can understand; actually, she is not only speaking, she is singing too.

New Year’s Resolutions: To Make or Not to Make!
(Behavioral Sciences)

It is New Year time; time for big resolutions and life-altering decisions.

Benefits of Journaling for Children
(The Scientist Inside You)

Journaling is considered one of the most effective acts of self-care and the best for self-discovery. 

How to Have a Productive Holiday
(Safe Summer)

Is it possible to feel free and productive simultaneously?

The Uncontacted
(Travel, Explore, and Venture)

Are there people who are still unaffected by the developments that have occurred over the past centuries? The answer is “yes”!

First Language Acquisition Explained
(Behavioral Sciences)

I often recall this hilarious incident when my nephew Youssef was only three years old and was having the following conversation about his broken toy with my sister.

Spread the Word!
(Inventions and Inventors)

Throughout history, people have invented many machines that forever changed the world; the Gutenberg Printing Press is one of these revolutionary machines.

The Pen; Transporter of Knowledge

No doubt that writing is part and parcel of the human pursuit of knowledge. Teaching, learning, and documenting sciences have all depended on it. 

No More Ink Spills: The Ballpoint Pen
(Inventions and Inventors)

Although the Hungarian brothers Georg and Ladislao Biro did not perfect the technology, they did succeed in creating what would still be recognized as a ballpoint pen today.

Feel the Words
(Inventions and Inventors)

The code named after Louis Braille is the standard form of writing and reading used by blind people in virtually every language around the world. 

Language and Society
(Behavioral Sciences)

I bet most of us know the hilarious Egyptian play or the American musical with the same title, My Fair Lady, both based on George Bernard Shaw’s masterpiece, Pygmalion

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