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(b. 1900-?)


Too Much Money is a Nuisance

The Two Delegates




Shalom was a Jewish actor who starred in films directed by Togo Mizrahi in the 1930s. He featured in comic films that sometimes carried his real name, which had never happened before in Egyptian cinema and was only repeated years later with Ismail Yassin. His performance was described as spontaneous and funny. His fragile frame and innocent look cast him in the role of the naïve and easily duped punchbag. Unfortunately, not much is known about him, and recent screenings of his films prove him naturally endowed with a special charisma that has found favour with audiences to this day.


1930: Cocaine (el Kokaïn)
1932: 5001 (Khamast âlaf we wâhid)
1934: The Two Delegates (el Mandoubân)
1935: Shalom the Interpreter (Chalom el tourgmân)
1937: Too Much Money is a Nuisance (el ‘Izz bahdalah)
1937: Shalom the Athlete (Chalom el riyâdî)

1937: Too Much Money is a Nuisance
(el ‘Izz bahdalah)