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Fouad Gaafar


With a very limited number of acting parts to his credit, the interest in Gaafar lies in the fact that he was brought to the attention of directors by fellow Alexandrian director Omar Gemei. A quiet, reserved man who kept a low profile throughout his brief career, Gemei managed to launch Gaafar into starring opposite names like Egyptian megastar Faten Hamama (in Aisha) and also landing roles in television.

However, a stilted and rather wooden performance did little to further his very short-lived claim to a future in the field and his career was made up for the most part of his latter day films of second and supporting roles.


1945: Raga (Ragâ)
1945: The Mother (el Oumm)
1946: Love Train (Ixpris el houbb)
1947: The Father (el Abb)
1947: The Great Sacrifice (el Tadhiyah el koubrah)
1947: The Homeless (el Moutacharidah)
1948: El Zanati Khalifa (el Zanâtî Khalîfah)
1950: What was Destined (Elî Inkatab ‘la el gibîn)
1951: The Out-lawed (el Khârig ‘n el qanoun)
1953: Aisha (‘Âishah)
1956: Ismail Yassin in the Waxworks Museum (Ismâ’îl Yasîn fî mathâf el cham’)
1956: The Inspector General (el Moufatish el ‘âm)
1956: Platform Number 5 (Rasîf nemra khamsah)
1956: Our Greenland (Ardinah el khadrâ)
1957: Tahera (Tâhirah)
1966: Water Carriers’ Alley (Hârit el saqayyîn)
1968: Adawiya (‘Adawiyyah)
1972: Wolves on the Road (Zi’âb ‘la el tarîq)