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Atef Shoukri

(b - 1960)

Born in Alexandria, Atef Shoukri joined the Faculty of Commerce for just one year before deciding to travel to Cairo to study at the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1980. He graduated in 1984 and immediately set out to work as an assistant director to Hussein Kamal, Ali Abdul Khaleq, Samir Seif, Mohamed Abdul Aziz, Atef el Tayyeb and Inas el Degheidi.

directed the award winning documentary: The Killing Gardens in 1999, about the problem of mines in the Western Desert and Alamein which earned him first prize for documentary film in Riyadh in 2002. In 2004, he made The Bride of the Suez Canal, a film about the city of Ismailia.

His first and only feature film to date is Cool Baby! (Qishta Yaba), made in 2004.

Atef Shoukri has worked mainly in Cairo, and asked whether the prospects of a Cinema Institute in Alexandria looked promising, he does not hide his skepticism and simply wonders whether that project will ever see the day.


1999: The Killing Gardens (Hada’eq Al-Qatl)
2002: The Bride of the Suez Canal
2004: Cool Baby! (Qishta Yâbâh)