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Ibrahim Moussa

(c. 1947)

Born in Alexandria, Ibrahim Moussa left for Germany as a young man and started a career financing movies, and acted in one film, Harem (1985). Little is known about him, and his marriage to Nastasia Kinsky, the famous international star, unfortunately eclipsed his own news. Even now, after their separation, news of their three children and the disputes that occasionally arise are more in theme than any professional news about Moussa.

A quiet man by nature, he has declined to give any information about himself, saying he would rather have his work speak for him. His brother, Sami, still lives in Alexandria where Ibrahim occasionally visits.


1982: Miss Right
1983: Exposed (production associate)
1983: Gabriela, Cravo e Canela
1987: Fellini’s Intervista
1991: The Insulted and the Injured
2000: Tom Sawyer