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Ikram Haggar

( b - 1958)

From left to right: Ikram Haggar, Nour el Sherif and Laila Elwi in Good Shot

Producer Ikram Haggar was born in Alexandria in 1958 and went to the EGC. His films have been awarded several prizes. Good Shot (Darbet Me’alem), directed by Atef el Tayeb was awarded best film by the Egyptian Film Syndicate. Ossama Anwar Okasha’s The Attackers (el Haggama), directed by Mohamad el Naggar, also received an award at the Egyptian Film Festival in 1991. Other films also of Haggar’s production are The Age of Wolves (Assr el Ze’ab), directed by Samir Seif and Humilation (El Zol), again directed by Mohamad el Naggar. He has worked with a large group of renowned actors and actresses, amongst them are Yehia el Fakharani, Nour el Sherif, Adel Adham, Salah Zoulficar, Samir Sabri, Hesham Selim, Huda Ramzi and Simone. Leading actress Laila Elwi starred in all his films.

Asked why he stopped producing films although they were all hits, he said that he stopped right after the Gulf War in 1990 because of the then slacking film industry in the Middle East.


Good Shot (Darbet Me’alem)
The Attackers (el Haggama)
The Age of Wolves (Assr el Ze’ab)
Humilation (El Zol)