Save the date 20-22 April 2018
BioVisionAlexandria 2018
New Life Sciences: Towards SDGs
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About the Conference

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina  organized its ninth International Biennial Conference, BioVisionAlexandria 2018, 20-22 April 2018, in Alexandria, Egypt.


In  2015 world leaders  gathered around to address the pressing issues the world faces. They agreed on 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), aiming at leaving the world more prosperous by 2030 including eradicating poverty, ensure the health and welfare of human being and promoting peace and justice all over the world.  Based on how life sciences have been rapidly evolving , science is looked up to as the awaited savior that will achieve the SDGs.


The theme of BVA 2018 was “New Life Sciences: Towards SDGs. The conference highlight the important role science plays with regards to achieving SDGs. More insights on the science-based-decisions-making was introduceded and how this affected the developing world. Many scientists, leaders, and decision makers gathered to address life sciences’ contribution towards the prosperity of the world. Furthermore, within the framework of BVA 2018, we  pursued the launch of the first conference on “Robotics and Bio-robotics in Life Sciences” to take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Similar to every year, we  honored Nobel Laureates and their finest achievements through various Nobel sessions. During the conference, many distinguished speakers shared their experiences and insights with the large audience, mostly from developing countries. Also, we aimed at gathering distinguished leaders in science, industry, society, policy-making, media and civil society to explore the different ways in which life sciences can help meet the challenges facing us now.